Tori believes in the power of women!  She has spent more than 2 decades working and helping women to know their value and ask for what they want.

Tori specializes in the following:

- Business and sales coaching for women

-Motivational speaking and customized team training

-Assertive behavior & learning how to ask for what you want

-Balancing and controlling your life

-Self-discovery & motivation from within

-Planning & organization systems

Tori has been leading teams and guiding execution in the beauty industry for her 25+ year career. She has held corporate executive positions at P&G beauty, L’Oreal, and most recently, Younique. Helping women find the power to choose JOY and GROW their life and business is where her passion for coaching lies. She is a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of one (soon to be three).


Megan is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women successfully transition from their full-time career into engaging entrepreneurship! Megan’s vast experience in self-started business development allows her to anchor her coaching practice in what she knows to be true: everything you have experienced up to this present moment has prepared you to pursue your true purpose. Every passion can be profitable. Every purpose can be paid forward. Your pursuit of freedom is possible. Your potential is infinite!

Megan specializes in the following:

- Engaging Entrepreneurship – starting and growing your business.

- Organizing and strategizing your business.

- Helping individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs that are stopping them from achieving the success they desire.

- Transforming fear and resistance into love and freedom.

Megan is the Inventor of The PMS Belt, CEO of SMS Products LLC and does contracting for multiple companies. She has launched multiple businesses, Younique Boutique being one of them. She has her Master’s in Global Management from ASU and is a lifetime learner. She is a wife, mother to her two dogs, and loves to travel the world. A perfect night to her means connecting with nature while watching the magnificent sunset.


Tori is courageous and leads with integrity.  She has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses.  Anyone that has had the opportunity to work alongside her can attest to her dynamic leadership ability.

Rachael Roth-Indermuhle | VP of Sales

A wise Business Coach taught me how to separate out my "Compass" time and my "Clock" time so I'm super excited...more than ever...focusing my Mission, Purpose, Direction and Values with everything I do!!! Thank you Tori Poulter for your 12 weeks of coaching, inspiration and courage to dream bigger!!

Anne Carr | Entreprenuer

I have been quietly implementing all my learnings and today something amazing happened! After the training about being more assertive I went to my boss and asked for a 10% raise and I was able to articulate myself in a way where it couldn’t really be turned down! Today I got confirmation it is being granted!

Kirsty Morgan | Entrepreneur

The breakthroughs I have had in these twelve weeks have been phenomenal. I fully believe I have come out of this course a better person in all aspects. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me is being assertive and asking for what I want and learning to step outside of my comfort zone no matter how scary it may be. Giving my family my full attention and putting my phone away - learning to celebrate the small wins because they matter too. I'm so beyond grateful for Tori and her coaching. I have learned so much.

Tara Adams