"I decided to do this coaching to better help me in my business. I had no clue it was going to push me into deeper thinking on what kind of mom, wife and friend that I am too! I have several more weeks
with Tori and I am so excited for who I will be in the end!!" Brittanie Carder Hopkins 
"You don’t get what you don’t ask for—The training on assertive communication helped me realize my personal limiting beliefs and gave me the courage to define and communicate my expectations in a clear, confident way. This week, I negotiated a new job offer and let’s just say, this course has already paid for itself several times over. Thank you Tori!"  Court Green 

"I have always been a runner from fear. I normally would have quit on myself a long time ago. However, I now understand anything is truly possible if you just do not quit or give up on yourself. My life is finally turning around, and it is because of these two women who believed in me... They have truly changed my world in so many ways. My heart is pounding so hard - I have started something incredible in my community but now I'm working on something bigger. I am ready to create an explosion. Thank you so much Megan and Tori for believing in me. This is and was one of the best investments I gave myself." - Ginette Grandmaison

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"In two weeks I am doing more than I ever have with 6 years of various coaching. Tori is extremely intuitive and has taken time to observe what busy women across the globe are dealing with." - Tanya O'Matta


"Personal development is so important. A big part of it for me is having a buy-in with the person. Tori Poulter is one of the most fabulous people I have ever met! She is as real as they come and amazing at what she does. When I heard she started a coaching business, it wasn’t a matter of should I do it, it was more 'When do we start?' " - Teresa Risovi